5th ESDIP WorkshopConverging Horizons

Computational Pathology and AI across Medical Specialties

We are delighted to invite you to the 5th online workshop organized by ESDIP - European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology, to be held on April 18, 9am (CET).

The title “Converging horizons: Computational Pathology and AI across Medical Specialties” synthesizes the aim of this workshop, that wants to converge colleagues from different medical fields as witnesses of the impact of computational pathology and AI, thanks to the international experts invited by ESDIP. The workshop is divided into two different sessions.

First, we will focus the attention on the applications of digital pathology and AI tools in oncology, stressing their current role in diagnostic AI tools and investigating the perspectives in predicting prognosis and response to therapy. The potentialities of Computational Pathology on the detection of molecular alterations from histology will be handled from different perspectives thanks to the involvement of specialists of disparate medical fields.

In the second session, the non-oncology face of AI and digital pathology will be explored as well, examining the possibilities unlocked by the digital transition in inflammatory and degenerative diseases, through the introduction of integrative tools to merge clinical and pathology data for the best patient management. The deep dive into this niche of pathology will help us understand the importance of digital pathology from a 360° and more patient-oriented perspective.

This online event is free. Register at www.esdipevents.org by April 18 and stay tuned for more news.

What are you waiting for? Join us, and let’s work together to make Digital Pathology a reality!

The Scientific Committee of ESDIP

2024A workshop
Save the date: 18 April 2024 - 9:00 AM CET.

The workshop is free.

We thank our sponsors for making this possible.

The European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology

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