3rd ESDIP WorkshopThe Integrative Dimension of Pathology

Digital pathology and AI have been considered the third revolution in Pathology. At ESDIP, we have been celebrating these two topics in the previous workshops.

In this III ESDIP Workshop, we are delighted to introduce the “integrative” role of the ESDIP thus bridging digital pathology with other subspecialties including molecular pathology, radiology, and immunoncology. This bridging will unlock, together with the clinical data and in a standardized and safe environment, better-integrated solutions to predict prognosis and response to treatment.

International speakers will show you how integrative pathology will probably represent the fourth revolution in pathology, the basis for the everyday use of computational pathology in our labs, integrating raw data from different sources.

Be part of the new revolution: ESDIP is here to welcome you.

2021B workshop
Save the date: 24 November 2021 - 9:00am CET.

The workshop is free for ESDIP members.

The workshop fee is 150 euros for non-ESDIP members.

The European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology

ESDIP Board:


Catarina Eloy (Portugal)


Norman Zerbe (Germany)


Rita Carvalho (Portugal)


Sabine Leh (Norway)

Industry Liaison

David Ameisen (France)

Chair of the Scientific Committe

Filippo Fraggetta (Italy)

Chair of the Educational Committe

Vincenzo Della Mea (Italy)

Chair of the Communication Committe

Mircea-Sebastian Serbanescu (Romania)


Rasmus Kiehl (Germany)

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