4th ESDIP WorkshopClosing the gap between Digital and Pathology

Words from the experts and the leaders of DP associations

Embracing the Digital and Integrative revolution in Pathology is the mission of ESDIP. Previous workshops already investigated the opportunities and challenges of this transformation.

Now, it is the time to close the gap that is distancing from the full benefits of DP transition. This is the aim of the IV ESDIP Workshop, an opportunity to deep dive into some of the most relevant open topics in our discipline, guided by international experts invited by ESDIP. Through the consolidation of an effective DP workflow, we will discuss the sustainability of DP in the pathology departments and how the educational part can support the dissemination of this knowledge. This will pose the basis for a more wide adoption of AI tools to support the pathologists work, helping in the AI benchmarking process.

Finally, we are delighted to host for the first time in our workshops an “All stars” panel from the Allied Societies (ESDIP, ESP, JSDP and DPA) that will further discuss how these and other relevant topics in DP could be faced and how to work on them together.

In this direction, the creation of a Forum of the national pathology societies presidents would pave the way for a more rapid and effective application of DP in our countries.

What are you waiting for? Join us, and let’s work together to make Digital Pathology a reality!

2022A workshop
Save the date: 22 November 2022 - 1:00 PM CET.

The workshop is free for ESDIP members.

The workshop fee is 60 euros for non-ESDIP members.

The European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology

ESDIP Board:


Norman Zerbe (Germany)


Yuri Tolkach (Germany)


Rita Carvalho (Portugal)


Sabine Leh (Norway)

Industry Liaison

David Ameisen (France)

Chair of the Scientific Committe

Vincenzo L'Imperio (Italy)

Chair of the Educational Committe

Vincenzo Della Mea (Italy)

Chair of the Communication Committe

Mircea-Sebastian Serbanescu (Romania)


Rasmus Kiehl (Germany)

Rua da Constituição, nº 668, 1º esq/tras, 4200-194 Porto, Portugal